I’m talking about our new chinchilla. Camden named him Marshmallow because of how soft he is. He’s still really young (<1 year) so his main objective is to run around like crazy and get into shit. But from what I’ve ready online, no matter the age they will always get into shit.

He doesn’t seem to be fazed by the other animals in the house.

However, Suki is not pleased at all. Like not even one bit. The whole weekend, she would whine and follow me everywhere just in case I was going to play with Marsh and she’d be left out. That weekend was probably the most we’ve cuddled since I got her a year and some change ago.

So I did my research after my daughter begged (I’m a sucker and I know I’m going to be the one spending more time with him) that we should add a chinchilla to our menagerie. They live for up to 20 years. They’re high maintenance. They can’t get wet. I got a 3rd cat!

The only expensive thing other than his purchase price (I suck because I bought him at Petsmart) was his cage. His cage meant getting accessories to ensure his well-being and happiness. So I decided to just be like fuck it and got him what I felt he deserved.

In there, he has a hammock, a hay manger, an igloo with a bed made of fleece, his toys, his food bowl, and his water bottle. I’m digging the hammock though.

Because he’s a cat chinchilla, he decided that the top of his igloo was a better nap spot than any of his 2 beds.

Every night I spend about 2 hours playing with him and letting him run around in his playpen. I also try to get him to get used to me being at his cage door at the same time every night after he eats. Then I give him a dust bath (or he gives himself one). This is how I’ve been bonding with him. He’s not that scared of me anymore and he will actually sit in my hand even if it’s just for a few seconds. Patience is the key to earning his trust and I know it doesn’t happen overnight.

Fun fact about chinchillas: they don’t smell. I thought he’d smell like a rodent but he has no smell at all and he keeps himself pretty clean. Even his poops don’t smell. He is a messy eater when it comes to his hay.

So yeah. I’m responsible for this little creature’s life for the next 15-20 years. Just like I’m responsible for the other creatures that I chose to live with me. I’m definitely insane.